Vanilla Slice Recipes

Published: 21st September 2011
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If youíre looking for a sweet treat, there isnít anything better than a Vanilla Slice (also called snot block). This simple snack is a traditional Australian favorite and consists of a sandwich like crusty pastry thatís filled in the middle with sweet and creamy custard. In fact there are national competitions held to reward the best Vanilla Slice maker. While there are several variations of this delectable snack, hereís a simple way to make the Vanilla slice. To begin with you need puff pastry, caster sugar, custard powder, cream, milk and vanilla.

Hereís the list of ingredients:

Puff Pastry -2 Sheets approximately 25cm x 25cm thatís ready rolled frozen puff pastry

Caster Sugar -1/2 cup

Custard Powder-1/2 cup

Cream Ėabout Ĺ a cup

Milk Ė approximately about 1and Ĺ cups

Vanilla Essence- 1 teaspoon

Butter- about 25gms

Icing Sugar-1 and Ĺ cup

Begin by pre-heating the oven to about 210 deg Celsius and lining the tray with baking paper and the puff pastries (one pastry on each tray). You can bake these for about 10-15 minutes, but before you bake make sure you have pricked them with a fork. Combine custard powder, sugar and cream over medium heat, gradually adding milk and vanilla. Meanwhile cut the pastry to the size of a brownie pan and layer the custard and then another pastry over this. The icing can be made by adding butter and icing sugar with adequate hot water to make thin to medium textured icing Refrigerate this and youíre Vanilla Slice are ready.

Variations to these include adding a layer of jam that adds to the pleasure. And there are some that accentuate the flavor of the icing by combining it with passion fruit pulp. The filling is sometimes flavored with chocolate. Nobody knows for sure the origin of the dish, but itís popularly believed to be a French creation. The French call it Mille-Feuille.

Every year thousands of Vanilla Slice fans gather in Ouyen, West Victoria for the Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph. There are hundreds display stalls and plenty of entertainment, but the main feature remains the competition where professionals, amateurs and school entries compete with each other.

Ask any slice fan and heíll tell you that the perfect slice is one which has the perfect custard that rests between two slices of buttery puff pastries. The custard should smell of fresh eggs and should have the perfect consistency. Not too vicious and not too jelly like, and with just the right sweetness. There are several Melbourne Cakes suppliers who have mastered the art of making the perfect slice. They have indeed taken this simple dish to gourmet heights.

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